5 Amazing Bicycle Wheel Crafts

Hi all.  Thank you so much to all of you who left sweet comments and sent e-mails about our bicycle wheel foyer table.  It’s so fun to present a finished project that my on-line friends get excited about.  I got to searchin’ around the ole internets and found more amazing bicycle wheel crafts.  I thought I’d share a few here today.



Remember, we called around and found a bike shop willing to give us an old wheel, so these projects fall in the low/no cost, trash to treasure variety.

And you know how I feel about that.  :)

Here’s a great idea that would be simple to accomplish.  Just hang a wheel on your wall and attach favorite photos with mini clothespins or clips.  Gotta love that “patina.”

Visit your local bike shop and ask for their cast-off bike wheels to create these amazing bicycle wheel crafts. Perfect for spring patio projects!
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3 thoughts on “5 Amazing Bicycle Wheel Crafts

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