Lent and Trash To Treasure Transformations

This post is a little out of my “usual”, but I’ve really felt God speaking to me to share more about my faith here on Reinvented.  So I hope you don’t mind.

And faith has a lot in common with our usual conversation, actually.

Sometimes when I share a particularly remarkable trash to treasure transformation, or write about the process by which one person’s trash becomes another person’s treasure, I’m struck by the parallels between this concept and my life as a Catholic Christian.

God sees in us the same raw beauty and potential that we can see in a roadside find or a garage sale gem.  He sees that with a little refining, and maybe some sandpaper, we can become the people he created us to be.

Why can I see that potential in a three-legged chair, but not in myself?

Because, you see, I have junk.  Junk in my heart.  And in my mind.  And that junk is sometimes so rough that the imperfections cloud my vision of the person that God sees.  Imperfect, for sure, but redeemed.  Forgiven, and worthy of His Love and transforming power.  How cool is that?

I am sure that when our Lord sees us broken and lying on the roadside, he thinks “Wow, I sure could fix that one up.”

This Lent, let’s allow Him to “Fix us up.”  Even though sometimes the sandpaper is rough, like 80 grit or something, it’s there to uncover the beauty.  Just like that roadside gem, we have done nothing to deserve a rescue, but we’ve been chosen by the Master Carpenter, and he can fix anything.

Have a great day everyone. 

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2 thoughts on “Lent and Trash To Treasure Transformations

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and really like how you compare our broken selves to pieces of furniture that we find and bring to a new life. I am an Episcopalian and truly appreciate the opportunity that honoring Lent provides to delve more deeply into my faith, offer sacrificial changes and prepare myself for the joy of Resurrection Sunday. Peace to you and yours.

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