Reinvented in Savannah, Day 3

Hi friends!

Savannah really is a beautiful old city, but I gotta admit, I’m tired of the rain and cold.  It’s actually warmer in Ohio today.
I’m not letting a little rain and a lotta cold stop me from exploring the gorgeous, however.  I saw beauty today.
This view down Bay Street is delightful, even with clouds.


After breakfast, I hung out at The Marshall House for awhile waiting for the rain to subside and then headed out to find the antique shops.


First stop was Jere’s.  If you are looking for antique furniture or stained glass windows this is the place to look.


Cobblestone Lane is chock full of treasures.  I didn’t find anything I couldn’t live without and was willing to buy a 3rd suitcase for, so I left empty handed.


I walked down by the river briefly, just as this huge barge was chugging by.


One of my favorite things about Savannah is that I can walk pretty much everywhere I want to go.  Which is a good thing considering the amount of southern cuisine I’ve injested.  ;).  I’ve strolled past the Lucas Theatre several times so thought I’d share a photo.
In the afternoon I decided to find The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.  Wow, the oldest Catholic Church in Georgia did not disappoint.


What an awe-inspiring structure.


I learned some history of this parish from a charming gentleman giving mini tours.  I cannot wait to go to Mass there this evening.


Holy cow.  Holy, literally.  Didn’t see any cows.


This the organ, y’all.  (I’ve decided that I love this contraction and might begin using it daily.  My apologies.)
That’s it for Day Three!
It’s now 7:23am on Saturday and the sun is shining!  Today is my last day in Savannah, so I’m off to Forsythe Park this morning and to the Riverfront later.  Have a GREAT Saturday!

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2 thoughts on “Reinvented in Savannah, Day 3

  1. I think you’ve seen more of Savannah than I have and I’m just down the road-well 2 hours away and have gone often. I’ve never seen inside that church. Beautiful. Sorry that you got the rain. Yes, we’ve had several cold, rainy days in Georgia. Be safe and come again.

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