Reinvented in Savannah, Day Two

Hello friends!

Whew, I’m tired.  You know how on the first day of a vacation, when you haven’t yet completely relaxed from “work mode”, and you try to see and do everything in one day?
And when you try to write, everything you put on paper comes out in run on sentences and you realize you seriously need to learn how to chill?
It really has been a great day.  Want to see what I’ve seen?


Now, I know I’m really bad at selfie photography, but I was afraid you wouldn’t be able to truly experience Savannah  unless you could laugh at my excitement, k?  I took this at 6am.  Told ya, still in work mode.


There are oodles of small “square” parks in Savannah.  I just love these little pleasant surprises encountered on a stroll down any downtown street.



The history, of course, is amazing.  Living in a fairly “new” city, I’m always in awe of the history.


Savannah City Hall.


It’s in the 40’s and rainy today, so I’m saving a trip to the riverfront for Saturday.


I was so excited about visiting the highly recommended Paris Market, but sadly it was way out of my piggy bank’s price range.  Incredible eye candy, though.


Shoot, can’t remember the name of this, but it’s the home of an early Savannah resident an is perched on the edge of a square.  Or the square is perched on the edge of this house.  Which came first, the chicken, or the egg?


I was just so excited to find in this square real evidence that spring will come.
I’ll leave you for today to gaze at those beautiful pink blooms.
See you tomorrow friends!

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One thought on “Reinvented in Savannah, Day Two

  1. We visited Savannah last month and had so much fun. Have you done the trolley tour? It is so educational and is a great way to see the city. The tours of Juliette Gordon Low’s house and Andrew Low’s house are wonderful. Their homes are beautiful and so interesting. Have a great time in Savannah. Kathy

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