Reinvented in Savannah, Last Day

Hello friends!

I am now home, glad to be curled up on my couch, but not glad that tomorrow is Monday.  Ugh.
Would you like to see what I saw on our last glorious day in Savannah?
Yesterday was beautiful, so I spent the morning walking to the famous Forsythe Park and hanging out in the sunshine.


On my way down Bull Street from the hotel, I gawked at another gorgeous church building.  This is a Presbyterian Church.


I strolled through Madison Square and discovered that these gems are even prettier dappled in sunlight.


It was chilly in the morning but there was bliss in the sun’s rays.


Here’s the gorgeous fountain at Forsythe Park.  Forsythe is like utopia on the city.  Gorgeous.  There was a 5K run and a farmers’ market going on and the fresh vegetables were like eye candy for my winter weary heart.



More historical monuments.  Lots happened in Savannah in “the olden days”.  ;)


I think I could live here.  In this house right on the edge of the park.
I spent the afternoon down by the river.


What a great trip!  I hope you enjoyed the photos.  I came home inspired, and even though I can’t transform my house into a grand southern mansion, I love being home and sharing my DIY with you!

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