Wanna Go To Savannah With Me?

Good morning friends! 

I am off on a loooong weekend trip to Savannah, Georgia today, and I’d love to take you with me. 

But…I don’t have the cash to buy every one of you a ticket, see Monday’s post, :), so we’ll have to settle for being virtual traveling companions.

I have never been to Savannah, so I am over the moon excited to explore this beautiful, historic city.  And eat some fried chicken.  And maybe shop a little with my home decor piggy bank.
If it’s okay with y’all (see how I slipped that southern drawl in?), I’ll share pictures each evening from my adventures.  The weather is not going to be stellar, but I’m not going to let that stop me us.

If you have any food/shopping/must see suggestions, please comment below!  Talk soon!  :)

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One thought on “Wanna Go To Savannah With Me?

  1. The Juliet Gordon Lowe house was solo cool for this former Girl Scout! My husband even enjoyed it; she was kind of the Martha Stewart/Bob Vila of her day.

    One of the best breakfasts in town is B. Mathews. I go every time I’m in town. Leopold’ s ice cream is perfectly good but I don’t see the big deal that others make over it.

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