Favorite Pins Friday Food Edition

Hello friends!

One of my favorite types of posts to read are “favorites” posts. And Pinterest posts. And food posts.

So today I said to myself, “Self, what could be better than a favorite pins post on a Friday about food?”

I love asking myself questions. I have such witty replies. And I’m always right. ;)

So…my pins have definitely been dominated by food lately. Light and refreshing summer recipes. I think it’s the whole “summer please get here now” thing.


I looove Greek food.  And Greek styled American food.  Yum.




This would be a great way to enjoy the veggies of summer.  With bread and cheese.  Which is the BEST way to enjoy vegetables, IMO.



And now for what to eat AFTER the light and refreshing stuff.  Peach Cobbler.



And smores.  Smores in a pie.



The end.  :)  Want to follow me on Pinterest?  Just click on that cute little orange P at the top of the page under “follow me.”

Have a great weekend!!

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