Quick Change Wall Art

Hi everyone!

I finished a project!  I finished a project!  I finished a project!

Sorry, I’m kind of excited to be making progress.  :)

Last night you might have noticed the big striped object on my dining room table.

That large object is a 20×30 canvas that I had previously covered in fabric and hung on my foyer wall as art.

Here’s the “before”, which was actually the “after” on the day I shot it.  Yikes.  Fickle much?  In my defense, this was taken 3 years ago.

fabric 002[5]

Isn’t it funny how our tastes change over time?

Here’s the same spot now.

striped canvas 001

Wanna know what I did to the canvas?

Day one, I removed the fabric, and gave the entire canvas a quick coat of BM’s Linen White (the wall color in our kitchen and family room.

Day two, I measured 3 inch stripes, taped them off and painted every other one with Americana Craft paint in Indian Turquoise.

Day three, I sanded the entire surface with fine grit sandpaper, and dry-brushed on some RL glaze in Smoke.

striped canvas 004

I am liking the weathered effect.

striped canvas 002

And the tulips.

Now that I look at the whole set up, I’m realizing I need to paint that shelf.  It’s a sickness.

Since I’m such a lover of typography, I’m considering stenciling or stamping a single springy and summery word on the right edge of one of the lower white stripes.  A word that embodies spring 2014.

These are my choices:

finally.  ( this one doesn’t exactly convey the happy, positive message I want, but it does accurately describe my feelings)

winter sucks.  (that would be slightly inappropriate… cuz it’s two words)

Maybe I should leave well enough alone.  Do you have any suggestions?

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