How We Solved Our Back Door Privacy Problem

Hi friends!

Through a classic display of marital cooperation and mutual respect of creative differences, hubby and I solved a long-standing problem this weekend.

Ha!  If you believe that, then I’ve got one of those tropical islands to sell you.

Here’s what actually happened:  I threw a fit because something was dirty/broken/just plain ugly,  ( this may or may not happen a lot) and hubby thought it was no big deal as long as  it was functional (this does happen a lot).

As soon as he figured out that I wasn’t shuttin’ up until we figured out something clean and pretty to serve the same purpose, he put his engineering brain on the subject and nailed it.

Wanna know just what I’m talking about?

Our back door.  It’s one of those classic metal doors with a full window.  The former owners had invested in white painted wood blinds for the entire downstairs, God bless them.  Including the back door.

We’ve lived in this house for 9 years and the blinds on the door had seen better days.  Days when they were actually white, the paint was intact, and they were free of chew marks and dog slobber.

My view of said blinds:  I want them in the trash.  Now.

Hubby’s view:  We need privacy so that crooks and kidnappers can’t see in.

Me:  You just don’t want me to be happy.  Seriously, anyone who attempted to kidnap our kids would bring them back as soon as they realized how much it costs to feed them.

Hubby:  I’ll figure something out because really, the only thing I want is for you to be happy.

Really.  He said that.

After many many many measurements, a level, and lots of painters’ tape and newspaper, we now have this.

door and wall 004

So sorry about the picture quality, it is really hard to photograph a door.  I had to show you this one because this guy is a big part of the reason we were in this predicament in the first place.

door and wall 008

The stripes are frosted glass spray paint.  And I loooooooove it.  Plenty of light, and enough privacy to please the husband.


door and wall 005


Problem solved!  Now if only they made self cleaning doors…


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