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Good morning friends!  Today in central Ohio it’s the kind of humid that curly haired girls like me fear.  If you see me out and about, and don’t have anything better to do, I’ll let you watch my hair grow.

You’re welcome.

Today I have a fabulous project to share with you from Olivia, from a great “new to me” site, DIY Mother.

This beautiful crystal ball desk lamp is an affordable and stylish way to dress up your desk.  It could even be a Trash to Treasure project, if you have light globes and PVC pipe in your trash.

Don’t worry, no judging here.  :)



How cool!

Here’s your materials list:




Light globe

Gold spray paint


Electrical cord

PVC pipe (I used this PVC coupling, the base of the globe fits perfectly inside of it)

Corkboard (optional)


AND the step by step directions:


1. Drill a hole in the side of the PVC coupling so that you can thread the wire through it. I didn’t do this first, I drilled a hole afterwards and had to re-spray it later. After you drill your hole, spray paint the PVC pipe. Don’t worry about any of the raised text on the lip-it will be covered by the globe when you put it on.




2. When the PVC is done drying, thread the wire through the hole you drilled. Look at the bottom of your socket-there should be one gold screw and one silver screw. Wrap the wire with the ribbed insulation around the silver screw and tighten. The wire with the smooth insulation goes around the gold screw.




3. To stabilize the socket, I used some corkboard because that’s what I had lying around. You can use a rubber stopper or similar lamp accessory-you’ll find everything you need in the lighting section at the hardware store.





4. Fit the socket into the corkboard as snugly as possible and attach the light globe. The globe should be a perfect fit with the PVC.



Thanks so much for sharing this project with REINVENTED readers, Olivia!

Hey friends, stop by DIY Mother  and give Olivia a shout out!  I’d like to see her around here some more, wouldn’t you?

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2 thoughts on “DIY Your Desk Lamp

  1. COOL IDEA!!
    to get a flat solid surface on the bottom of this lamp, you could also use an end cap from schedule 40 PVC(the white colored pipe).
    I love this idea!!
    especially if you make it with LED lights! LED’s would be cheap to run/operate & last almost forever!
    TY for sharing this. :0)

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