Favorite Pins Friday

Happy Friday Friends!  We have another gorgeous weekend ahead of us.  I could get used to this.

I have a couple of projects to work on in our bedroom this weekend, a few of the updates that we talked about last weekend while I was sitting.

But today is the day we talk about favorite pins.

And here is the first favorite.  On Friday.

It’s favorite pins Friday.


One of those genius ideas that makes you slap your forehead.  I heard that some people are so dumb that they’ve made many many poor accessory choices because they didn’t carry around paint colors and fabric swatches.  ahem.  Who would do that?





This is pure junkygenius from my friend Donna.   She’s da bomb with junk.  One of my first finds this spring was a cool blue $10 old toolbox, so you may see this again.  In blue.


An old kettle herb garden?  Yes. Please


source–that darn Donna again

Find some old drawers?  Turn them into a charming planter.  What a great alternative to plain old pots.



I’m off to start a paint project!  My favorite way to spend a Friday evening.  Have a good one!

Stop back tomorrow and join me for a sit in the den.

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