I Like Fleas, in Markets

Hi everyone!  Are you enjoying this beautiful spring?  Spring in Ohio is always interesting.  Sunshine, warm breezes, hail, rain, and sometimes a little frost.  Good grief.  We had our air conditioner on last week for a couple of 85 + degree days and woke up to a frost warning, 40 degrees and a parade from hail on Saturday.

But I’m not here to talk about the weather.  The BEST part of spring is the flea markets!  And garage sales!  It’s a treasure hunter’s dream.

I missed one of the best flea markets of the year this past weekend in Springfield, Ohio, so I’m a little bummed about the start to my season, but I will come back strong!

My taste has evolved some in the past year, and I’ve incorporated a little more eclectic look.   I am loving the tiny bit more modern style of our family room.

I looked through flea market wish lists from years past, and thought it would be fun to compare a little.   See 2011’s list here.



I shared this photo, with the comment that my taste was more “neutral.’  This year I think I’d snatch up every one of these plates if the opportunity presented itself.  :)


2009’s list is here.  Wow, that was a LONG time ago.  I was a baby blogger.  Come to think of it, I still feel like a baby blogger.  :)


I really loved this old tool chest that year.  Never bought one, but this year I found a totally cool blue tool box that I’ll share with you soon.


So what am I looking for this year?

Vintage dishes.  Always.  Would love to buy some vintage Fiestaware from someone who has no idea how much it’s worth.  ;)

Bicycle wheels.  Must. make. more. tables. 

A pair of vintage, slightly modern lamps for my family room.

An architectural piece for our bathroom wall above the tub.  Preferably with a storage option.

A dresser that I can make over for more storage space in our den.

Vintage patio stuff.  I’ll know it when I see it. 


I guess that’s it for now.   What’s on your list?

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