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Hi friends!  Have you had a great Tuesday?  This has been my mantra today, “I will not complain about the 91 degree heat, I will not complain about the 91 degree heat…

When I open my mouth to complain, I try to imagine the winter that was.   The winter that was 100 degrees colder than 91.

That helps.

So I’ve been working on a chalkboard feature wall in my kitchen.  For awhile.

It’s not your mother’s chalkboard.  Or your 3rd grade teacher’s.

This is where I started.

With a can of paint and a dream…





And a BIG blank wall in need of a little drama.  The dog?  He’s old and he HATES drama.  Just sayin’.


Here we are after two coats.  Yep, I painted the whole wall.  My kitchen needed some pizzazz.  A girl’s gotta create drama wherever and whenever she can, amiright?

download (1)




Here’s the finished paint job.  Wow, blurry picture alert.  You can also see the beginnings of the chalkboard seasoning.  An essential step in any chalkboard project, and a royal pain in the neck.




photo 1


To season a new chalkboard, first buy LOTS of chalk.  I hear that sidewalk chalk doesn’t work as well and that’s too bad.

Use the side of the chalk to “color” the entire surface horizontally and then vertically.

Here’s the point by which I had totally lost my mind.



photo 2


Erase all of your handiwork with a regular chalkboard eraser, and voila!   The perfect dusty chalkboard surface.

Then sweep the floor before the dogs eat the chalk.

Next comes the fun part!   I wanted a small plate/really cool pot lid gallery, but I didn’t want it to take up valuable writing space, so I just wrapped the plates and lid around the upper inner corner .


Some are hung with plate hangers, and some with a paperclip hot glued to the back.



photo 5


The basket is to corral the mail so it doesn’t pile up on the island.



photo 7





photo 8

I’m kind of in love with the drama and contrast that this wall brings to our kitchen.  I like to stare at it while I eat.  The end.


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  1. This is really cute! I love the pot lid thrown in the mix. Found you at Hit Me With Your Best Shot but I’d love for you to link up to Be. YOU. tiful link party. Live on Thursdays. Also, going to feature this on my Facebook page later this week :)

    1. Thanks Emily! I am so excited to meet everyone at Haven too! Can’t wait to visit you blog, I’ll stop by later! :)

  2. I love the mail basket! I need one of those! Thanks for sharing your black board painting tips with us. We hope to see you again at the Be.You.Tiful Link Party!

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