Fast and Frugal Shelf Style Ideas

Happy Tuesday friends!

I have a quick and inexpensive project to share today for those of you who may be “shelf style challenged” like me.

My best approach would be to avoid shelves entirely, but that’s not really practical, since shelves are…well…practical.

Except for those I’m sharing today.  They are totally wall filler.  Hung on either side of our fireplace, I think to accent the 9 foot ceilings.  I think.

Except empty shelves do not do much for 9 foot ceilings.  Or for any ceilings for that matter.  Except, except, except.

When I shared my new mantel style, I very carefully cropped out said shelves so that you wouldn’t see my lack of shelf style.


mantel after 006

I did have a few shelf style ideas.  I tried baskets, but I’m too cheap to buy all matching baskets, so they looked kind of silly.

Then one day at the Goodwill store, I saw display shelves full of simple glass containers.  You know the kind.  They might have held flowers, milk or OJ, who knows.  But they were kind of sculptural and very simple.  Hmm…


I brought home 3 pairs.  Gosh I love it when people donate pairs of stuff to the Goodwill.

And I taped them.  and covered some parts in scrap paper.

from where i sit 013 from where i sit 014

Out came the spray paint.  In aqua and navy, to fit with my new(ish) color scheme.


shelf filler, light 004

I’m happy with the simple look that is colorful but doesn’t overpower the mantel, which is the focal point of the room.  These shelves are fairly high on the wall, so they weren’t going to be very functional anyway.   I only need access to these items every few months to dust them.  Ahem.


Here’s the right side, with the shelves above a thrifted dresser, a wooden box and a basket, all used for storage.


shelf filler, light 006


And the left, above the television.

And then I changed my mind and painted them gold.  (insert sheepish grin here)


quick and easy shelf decor


This entire project cost me about $15.  Gotta love that.

What budget decorating ideas do you have for totally impractical shelves?

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3 thoughts on “Fast and Frugal Shelf Style Ideas

  1. What a great craft idea for a new vase. I find so many. Will have to work on looking for those at yard sales. I also like the candle on top of the spool for height. Great ideas. Great colors!

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