Favorite Pins Friday

Hi all!

It’s time for Favorite Pins Friday, my favorite day of the week!

Before I share my faves from my Pinterest pages,  BE SURE to scroll down and enter my ticket giveaway for the Columbus Arts & Vintage Marketplace THIS SUNDAY, if you are close enough to get your booty over here for some vintage awesomeness.

OK.  Now for the pins.

It’s not very often that I get to share a cool DIY reinvention that also involves food, my other favorite pastime.  So I”m not missing this opportunity.  How cool are these marshmallow roasting sticks?




Love this idea to place reclaimed wood (would work with pallet wood!) behind a TV.



More reclaimed wood, this time decoupaged with antique wallpaper.  A double whammy of  awesomeness.



This garden art made out of a claw foot and spring cracks me up.  I can’t explain it.



Last but not least, a perfect weekend project.  Step one:  go to a thrift store or garage sale.  Step two: buy spoons, they’re cheap.  Step three:  paint with chalkboard paint.  Step four:  label with plant names and actually remember where you planted everything!

Wait, am I the only one that can’t remember?


sorry, could not find source, only photo was pinned

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

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