Join Swagbucks To Earn Money For Your DIY Projects

Hi friends!  Whatcha up to?

I am actually having a kinda fabulous day, hanging out at home, baking, cleaning, doing laundry and sharpening my photography skills.

It’s awesome.

Except for putting away the clean laundry.  I kinda hate that.

So, remember when we talked about financing your DIY projects without breaking the family budget?

I have been known to do some crazy things to earn “paint money”, like two full days of jury duty…

Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it, folks, I “made” $40.  😉

If you’re not into the criminal justice system, one of the easy peasy ways I mentioned was to join the Swagbucks family.



Swagbucks lets you earn by searching the internet, and offers a great Shop & Earn program along with several other ways to earn gift cards or Paypal cash from the activities you do online every day.

You decide how you want to earn, choose as many activities as you like and whatever you’re comfortable with.

Then redeem those Swagbucks for gift cards and buy whatever your little reinventor’s heart desires!

Or groceries.  I have four teenagers, and we ALWAYS need groceries.  Ugh.

THIS WEEK, my friends at Swagbucks are offering you a bonus of 70 Swagbucks when you register through Reinvented by clicking on this Use Swagbucks to Pad Your Home Decor Budget link. (This is an affiliate link, I will receive a small amount of compensation if you choose to use this link.  Thanks!)

When you sign up for your free account, Click on I HAVE A SIGN UP CODE and enter “Reinvented”.  This will award you with the 70 extra swagbucks!

The sign up code expires Friday, June 27, so don’t wait!   Get that home decor/whatever you want to save for account started!



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