Den Decor–Add Some Fun To A Stuffy Space

Hello friends and reinventors!  It has been a gorgeous day here, I hope you’re enjoying beautiful weather too.

Let’s talk about dens.  Or home offices.

Do you call yours a den or a home office?

A few weeks ago, we sat in my den on a Saturday and appreciated it for its functionality.  And the sunny window.

But because I’m me, I wanted to change some things.

The room was kinda stuffy.  And there was no color.  Other than black and cream.

You see, I decorated our den during my “I must decorate like a mature, sophisticated woman now” phase.  Good grief.

I go through these phases after I visit a friend’s house and it’s all sophisticated and formal and beautiful.

Which my house is not.

Most of our home is colorful and fun, like our family.  But the den didn’t fit.

And OMG, the bookcases were A MESS.

from where i sit 027



And the plant was almost dead.  And I stunk  at photography.


from where i sit 026



So what did I do about it?


First I decluttered the bookcases.  Because clutter is NOT FUN.


I arranged the books by color, and added some fun accessories and ceramics my kids made in art class.






I added some fun by adding color.  Bold, beautiful, turquoise color.  The TV cabinet from our bedroom found a new home in front of the window, and a new color in Maison Blanche Riveria.






I also watered the plant, re-potted it in an old sap bucket,  and learned how to take better photos.  ;)


You’ll notice that the cabinet is missing a knob.  I think the dog ate it.







I would like to marry this color.





Gone are the artificial plant, dusty plate and “quirky” box on the top of the computer armoire.




Replaced by a vintage globe and books, more turquoise, and a metal basket full of my grandma’s childhood blocks.





The art that was also moved to our master bedroom was replaced with a mirror to reflect the beautiful view, also dressed in Riveria.

I’ve still got some work to do in this area.  I’m going to change up the frames and probably hang more more art.  Or plates.





But this dude got some new jewels, so I think we’re good for now.  When the statue dude gets a new necklace, all is right with the world.




Am I right?


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10 thoughts on “Den Decor–Add Some Fun To A Stuffy Space

  1. What a great way to redo the room … I’m all about using what you have before spending a ton! Your colors are great. It was so wonderful meeting you at Haven. I hope we will see each other again!

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