Den Decor: A Fun Gallery Wall

Hello friends and reinventors!

How was your weekend?  I spent mine at the amazing All’asta Gathering (All’asta for annual conference).  It was truly life-changing, and I promise to do my best to not talk about it incessantly.  ;)

Remember when I posted my fun den decor last week?

And the piano top and wall above weren’t fun yet?


Using what I had (craft paint, spray paint, burlap, and a tired canvas), and shopping my house for treasures, I came up with this.




It looks crafted and collected, which I love.  And maybe cluttered.  The Three C’s of decorating, friends.





And blurry.  I took this photo on my good camera and used a tripod, so I can’t explain it.

Still trying to decide what to write on the tiny gold framed chalkboards.

Any suggestions?


Linking up at the Fabulously Creative Friday party at Jennifer Rizzo.

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