The Master Bath Before

Hello my dears.

The last time we talked, I confessed my less than stellar design board skills.

But…what’s a good, or not good in my case, design plan without some rather cringe worthy “before” shots?

Today is not a good day for photography (for lots of reasons, none of which you want to hear ;)),

so not only will the decor in the before shots be cringe worthy, the actual photos will be too.

Taken when I knew less about photography than I do now, and I don’t know much now.

Green walls, ugh.  Garage sale art, love.  Window mistreatment thumb tacked to the wall, yuck.  Flea market window, loved it so much I moved it to the mantel.


blog mirror 002


Now you see what I’m talking about with all of the smooth, shiny surfaces.  Peeps, I need me some texture in this room.

What I don’t need, according to the engineer, is “more chemicals.”



blog mirror 003



That’s a discussion for another day.

Stay tuned, the next step is wall paint!

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