New Uses for Old Tool Boxes

Hi everyone!

I am excited today to talk about new uses for old tool boxes.

I bought this rusty blue beauty at a garage sale this spring for $10.




I really should have vacuumed before I took these photos.


Anyhoo, here’s a shot of the inside.





I love the divided tray, and there’s quite a lot of room in the bottom.




It’s perfect “out of sight” storage for all of those little annoying items that clutter my family room.

I am NOT a lots of chotskies kind of girl, and definitely prefer larger, statement pieces on walls and table tops.

This baby definitely makes a statement on my coffee table.  Loving the zinc #6 accent.





Here are some more cool new uses for old tool boxes.

Check out Donna’s charging station.




I found even more great ideas on HGTV’s blog, Design Happens.


Love the old blue paint with the red geraniums.  Very patriotic!





Stylish storage.  I’m diggin’ the army green too.




And one more, a eye catching, idea swirling, “omg I don’t want to think about fall yet” centerpiece.





I think I need more tool boxes.


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6 thoughts on “New Uses for Old Tool Boxes

  1. Love all of these ideas! I can’t resist a metal tool box when I come across one at a thrift or yard sale. I use several of them in my workshop to keep my tools organized. I love having the original version instead of the new plastic ones.

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