A Plan For the Master Bathroom

Hi all!

There is ONE ROOM in our house that has not been painted/re-decorated or even first time decorated in the 9 years we’ve lived here.

It’s not some obscure, out of the way room that never gets used.

It’s the master bath, a room I’m in several times a day, and would love to enjoy using a little, or a lot, more than I do now.

I decided to make myself one of those amazing design boards that cool people make.

I used Olioboard, and it’s not as easy as it looks.  ;)

I clearly need more practice, but because I have no shame, I’m going to show you anyway.


Let me explain.  :)

So, the planned wall color is “Rain” by Sherwin Williams.  This color is a close match to the Porcelain Blue of my PB duvet in the adjacent bedroom.

You’ll notice there are several metals.  I love mixing rustic and smooth, shiny and dull, so there will be silver, and galvanized metal, a little gold and maybe even a little copper.

Or maybe not.

The cabinets are cherry, which is fine, but not what I would choose, so I will change out the knobs to something I love.

Like putting lipstick on a pig…

I”ll be adding LOTS of texture, because bathrooms NEED texture.  Especially mine.  There are smooth walls, plain white tile and faux marble with shiny chrome fixtures.  None of that is changing for now, so adding texture in the form of baskets, reclaimed wood and architectural details (hello old door!)  will really help the room feel cozy and finished.

I’m debating the switch to all white towels.  Everyone says in those design articles I read that white towels are the way to go.  Do you think those designers have stinky boys in their bathrooms?

Do YOU have all white towels?

I found this board from The Handmade Home and my first thought was “maybe I could take board making lessons from Ashley.”

I love everything about this, so I definitely will be taking some inspiration from one of my idols.





Get a good night’s rest, my friends, because tomorrow we reveal the “BEFORE.”


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