The Great Chandelier Transformation of 2014

Hi everyone!

How’s your Thursday?  We have our first high school marching band performance tonight, so I’m excited.  I hear they have a football game planned for before and after the band performance too.


That’s band mom humor, get it?

Anyhoo, we’ve talked before about how much I dislike the light fixtures we inherited in this house.  I even updated the kitchen light with a swipe or two of paint.

Today we’re talking about the dining room chandy.

It’s of the old world/tuscan/really not my style style.


shelf filler, light 010


Replacing it is not an option, cuz, you know…the engineer.

So I got out my  {affiliate link} favorite chalky finish paint.  This time I went a leeetle bit crazier with it.  I ditched the globes.  And I added some edison bulbs.





I LOVE THE NEW LOOK!  Do you think I’m crazy?


You know I’ve been working on adding fun to our home decor.   With two “never gonna grow up” adults an “I don’t wanna grow up” 20 year old and three teenagers in the house, old world sophistication just doesn’t work in our spaces.  But adding a little aqua that makes the metal look like it’s copper aging beautifully does work.  I think.

So I went for it.





It’s quirky.  It’s fun.  It’s perfect.  :)




Have a great evening!  See you tomorrow!

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10 thoughts on “The Great Chandelier Transformation of 2014

  1. I love the new look, it’s awesome! I getcha with the band mom, lol. My daughter was in band, high school, middle school and started it in grade school. She has a t-shirt that says “What is the football team doing on the band field” lol. Have a great day!

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