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Our master bath redo is still in the planning stages, and since my Olioboard left a lot to be desired imagined, I thought I’d share some inspiring bath designs I’ve found.

This one is just gorgeous.  Love the blue walls, they are similar to the SW color “Rain” that I chose.  With the abundance of white tile and shiny chrome also in our bathroom,  I think we’ll get a similar look by just painting the walls.


bath insp


Except for the chandelier.  And those beautiful sinks.  And the floor.  Ahem.

Okay, maybe not that similar.

THIS is what happens when I look around for inspiration.  I find myself falling into a comparison trap.  You know the one, where none of your stuff measures up to the fabulous people on the internets’ stuff?

It’s easy to fall into the black hole of comparison and that, my friends, will kill your creativity.  It might even make you feel like it’s not even worth it to redo your little ole bathroom because you can’t have _____ (fill in the blank).

So what do I do when this happens to me?


Just kidding.

First, I remind myself that I actually like my rooms to be a little rustic, and not too perfect.

That usually helps.

And for the items in these photos that I’m certain I’ll die without?

I find away to make it myself.  Or I find someone else’s cast-off and make it my own.

This way is more fun anyway.  Right?

Now back to the inspiration.



Love this idea for a shelf above the tub.  Or the old door idea from my initial plan.

Which do you like better?



Here’s an actual bathroom with Rain on the walls, white tile and a swoon-worthy chandelier.  I could find a flea market chandelier, or something similar at the Habitat Restore, and make it gorgeous.   NOW I’m feeling a little better!

Let’s just ignore that cool dark tile floor, um-kay?



Here’s another with my wall color and dark cabinetry like ours.  I was beginning to think I HAD to paint our vanity white, but I like the contrast here.  Whew.


How do you use all of the inspiration available on-line?  Do you ever fall into that comparison trap?

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One thought on “Master Bath Inspiration

  1. I love the color. You KNOW you can find a cool chandelier and make it awesome for little bucks, and you gotta have some dark contrast somewhere, so don’t paint the vanity. You’re on the right track, gf. Un-magazines is better. Rustic rocks! ;)
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