Barn Sale Finds For The Master Bathroom

Oh my goodness, my junky friends, that was the best barn sale ever!

I was on a buying rampage, so it’s a good thing I have a little bargaining power with Shannon, AND she REALLY wanted to clean out that barn.  ;)

My mission was to find storage and decorative items for my master bathroom restyle, and I wanted vintage, junky, and rustic, to balance out the chrome and slick white tile.

Here’s what I brought home.

Starting my search for much needed storage, I staked my claim on this bookshelf.  It’s pretty rustic, and needs a new paint job to shine, so the trash to treasure process has begun.  Hopefully I’ll have results for you tomorrow.


photo 3 (1)



I found this vintage drying rack to hang on the other side of the tub.




And this 100 year old rocker to bring a pop of color and a place for books or towels while I’m soaking.



I love the little lake scene too.


The gravy boat is perfect for toiletries.


photo 1 (1)



And I think my favorite find is this tray. AND it has a twin.  I think these will be used to add some color to the restyled shelves.




When they’re not carrying me breakfast in bed, that is.

I can’t even tell you how excited I am about these treasures.  They’ll add the perfect rustic feminine/storage/vintage look to our bathroom.

See you tomorrow, I’m off to PAINT!


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