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Hi friends and reinventors!

I took my youngest child to 7th grade camp this morning.  I really love the cool teenagers I live with, but I just wish they weren’t becoming teenagers so fast.  Ugh.

Back to fall decorating.  My mantel seems to come first each new season, but soon after that space is finished, I turn to another fun vignette.

The foyer table.

Foyer tables, sofa tables, decorative shelves, kitchen islands, piano tops…they are all great places to add some seasonal decor, especially for someone like me, who doesn’t want to spend much, and prefers “touches” rather than over-the-top seasonal overload.

(Warning: bad light and an Iphone are at fault for the questionable photo quality to come.  :()

I’m still very much in love with my bicycle wheel foyer table.  It’s the perfect spot to welome guests, a surface for visitors to drop their keys, and a fun place to decorate.

fall foyer


Here’s the step by step for this FREE Fall vignette.

  1. The striped canvas stays up all year round, but I like to add just a little nod to the season, rather than buy and store 4-5 difference pieces for this space.  This time I found F-A-L-L in chipboard letters (couldn’t find all four in the same size, but I kinda like it this way!), spray painted them gold and hot glued them to the canvas.  When fall is over, they’ll pull right off.
  2. I like to have a tall item on the left, and a slighter smaller item on the right (because there is more danger of knocking something off on the right, and this is a high traffic area :)).  I pulled the aqua vase from another vignette and added faux fall stems that I’ve had around for awhile.  If you don’t have fall stems, use branches from your yard.  The shiny little pear is another ceramics class project.
  3. On the right side, I used a few books to give more presence to the faux gourd, also re-used from past years.  I could have changed out the books for more fall color, another favorite strategy, but I wanted to keep some aqua in the display since the way art is staying.  A real pumpkin or gourd would be great too, or any other fall-ish/rustic item.
  4. The 6 is significant for our family (there are 6 of us), and I loooveee to lean stuff, so it’s leaning in the space between the table and shelf.  This would also be a great place for a FREE Fall printable.
  5. The votive holders will add a little warmth and sparkle in the evenings with battery operated candles.  The engineer is NOT A FAN of unattended candles burning, and it gives him hives if I put a real candle here.

fall foyer 2

And that’s it!  After Thanksgiving, I’ll pull off the chipboard letters, pack away the gourd and stems, and add touches of Christmas.

Have a great Wednesday!

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