Free for Fall-Mantel Decor

Hello friends and reinventors!

Man, was it a rough weekend.  ALL of my teams lost.  Ugh.

And I couldn’t even drown my sorrows in tailgate food and chocolate chip cookies, cuz of this whole eating healthy thing.  Double ugh.

Anyway, thanks for coming by, I’m excited to show you my mantel.  I kinda love it, and I didn’t spend a dime.



Here’s the FREE deets:

  • I love the structure of my mantel display, so changing out the look for fall just meant removing the summery stuff and swapping it out for anything that looked “Fall.”
  • I painted the chalkboard over a dated “plaque” type art a couple of years ago, but updated it recently with the turquoise border.  The printable was free, taped on with cute Fall inspired washi tape.
  • Two of the faux pumpkins were leftovers from past years, and the cute little orange one on the far right was made by my daughter in ceramics class last year.

I made the banner with pages from an old song book of my sweet grandma’s.  They had already fallen out of the book, so I didn’t feel guilty using these four for a craft.  I traced the letters from a stencil with a pencil and colored them in with a black sharpie while I was watching the Browns lose.





The ceiling fan was flowing the “F” around.  Oops.


  1. fall mantel 2


I’m still following Edie’s mantel decorating advice:

  1. Something you love
  2. Something to lean
  3. Something shiny
  4. Something green


Works for me!  What’s on your mantel?

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