Are You Ready For Some Football Pillows?

Hi everyone!  I hope that you have enjoyed the holiday weekend.

I love long weekends.

Except that they are never quite long enough.

We enjoyed the first weekend of college football, cheering, and critiquing and eating, of course.  All from the comfort of our own sofa.

And the Buckeyes won, so that was cool.

My husband and I are Ohio State alumni, and HUGE fans. Our oldest daughter is a junior at OSU, and our son plans to attend next fall.

IF I let him graduate from high school.  Sniff…

I LOVE incorporating our favorite pastime into our home’s decor, but alas, the scarlet and gray (well, at least the scarlet part) are no longer represented in my color scheme.

I guess I’ll have to resort to writing “Go Bucks” and “Michigan Sucks” on all of my chalkboards.  ;)

Or, I thought late one night, I could make a pillow.

We {heart} pillows.



This chippy old bench was a flea market find, and although it sports a scarlet-ish hue that doesn’t quite fit it, I haven’t been able to pull the paint brush trigger.  It sits back to back with our leather love seat and provides much needed extra seating in the adjacent kitchen/breakfast nook.

But we were talking about pillows, weren’t we?

I whipped this one up today with drop cloth canvas and some gray felt from Joann’s.  It’s a 12×21 pillow form, so I stitched up an envelope style canvas cover.



For the letters, I cut around a pad of paper so that I’d have four same size rectangles.  Then I cut out the letters freehand, one from each rectangle.  If you’re not from Ohio, you may not get the idea here, but our favorite cheer is to spell the name of our state.  See, I yell “OH!” and you reply with “IO!”

Got it?  Let’s try.


That was weak.  Keep practicing.




You could totes whip up a pillow like this featuring your team, or whatever ridiculous cheer is popular in your neck of the woods.


Have a great week!!



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