Trash To Treasure Tuesday, The Lighting Edition

Hi everyone!  Welcome to Trash To Treasure Tuesday!

Today I have several lighting option for you.  These are some fantastic ideas for turning someone’s trash (maybe even yours!) in to unique lighting fixtures for your home.

Got an old bucket?  Punch some holes, and attach a light kit.  This would make an awesome reading light, or for over the table.

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A trailer jack lamp.  What great option for your man’s cave.



The perfect combo of rusty and glam.  This would be so cool over my tub.



These graters would make awesome accent lighting, and the holes are already there!



Have you ever turned anything trashy into a unique lighting source?  Do tell!

Oh!  And The winner of Flea Market Fabulous is Cher!  Look for an e-mail from me, my dear!  Thanks to everyone for entering!

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2 thoughts on “Trash To Treasure Tuesday, The Lighting Edition

  1. I’ve never tried to create my own lighting like this. In fact, I just recently learned how to install a light fixture in my bathroom.
    I have some of those vintage graters lying around…too cool! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tina,
    I have updated the source link to the link you requested. Thank you for bringing this my my attention. I apologize that I must have missed your first request.

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