Trash To Treasure Tuesday-A Woman’s Prerogative

Hello friends!

Please tell me that you’ve heard that phrase, “it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.”

Bonus point if you’ve not only heard it, but used it to win an argument.  ;)

“It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind” is the PERFECT response to comments that engineers make, like

“I thought you were done with that room.”


“How many times have you painted that?”


I’m sure you would agree that these are SILLY questions, but, alas, this is my life.


Thank goodness my latest switcheroo didn’t cost anything.

Remember these thrift store vases that I painted navy blue a few months ago?

See, up there, on the shelf?




Well.  At the time, one of the throw pillows on the sofa was navy blue and cream.  Said pillow proved itself to be a dog hair magnet, and it drove me crazy.  The pillow cover had to go.

And that’s when it started…

Now the vases were the only navy blue in the room.  And that thought buzzed around my head like the last half dead fly of the winter.

So I pulled out my new favorite home decor “tool”.  A can of gold spray paint.  And a big brown dog, my 2nd favorite home decor “tool.”





And I painted right over that navy blue.





After they dried, I pulled off the tape, put them back on the shelf, and breathed a big sigh of relief.





Much better.





Proof that even when a trash to treasure becomes trashy again, all is not lost.  Cuz a girl can always change her mind.

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