31 Days of No Spend Decorating-Bathroom Shelves

Well hello!

Welcome to Day Seven of 31 Days of No Spend Decorating.

Today we’re styling my “bookcase” in the master bathroom.

If you find that confusing, and need a little background story, visit my account of the barn sale shopping trip.

So now you know that I started with a very plain builder grade bathroom, a large bookcase, and a need for storage, display space and rustic style.

Then I sweet talked the engineer into hoisting the bookcase up on the “deck” at the foot of the tub.




I did pay $1 for the floral vintage lap tray at the same barn sale.  EVERYTHING ELSE was gathered on a shopping trip around my house.  A NO SPEND shopping trip.


mbr shelves



I dug through stashes, and piles, and maybe even a trash bag or two.  It’s amazing what you can discover pretty, or transform into pretty when you are in NO SPEND mode.

The engineer LOVES no spend mode.





On the top shelf are a few empty frames that I found in the basement.  Who needs art when the frames have pretty details and rustic charm on their own?

The beautifully aged vintage tray is next, with a few metallic votives that will sparkle with candles inside.





On the third shelf, I added some old wallpaper covered canvases for background, and a little green.





And the bottom is all about storage.  The wicker baskets were relocated from the family room.  Found the metal basket in the basement too.  My basement is a gold mine, people.



But that’s NOT what the engineer would call it.

Just a few short years ago, my first step to style these shelves would have been a shopping trip.  To a store.  Now I just head to the basement and dig.  ;)


Have a great evening!  See you tomorrow!

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