31 Days of No Spend Decorating-A Christmas Centerpiece

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Thank you so much for visiting Day Eleven of 31 Days of No Spend Decorating.

Today I have a few ideas to share for switching out your no spend decor for the seasons.

You might be a little tired of this photo, but I want to share it again as a BEFORE.

My fall dining room centerpiece.


tray frame



How will I change it up for Christmas without spending any money?

I’m so glad you asked.

Out went the pumpkins and faux fall branches.  Next I shopped the yard for some cypress, boxwood and rosemary clippings.  A few ornaments on top of my Ball jars and I’ve got Christmas!


Free Christmas Centerpiece



This is where the engineer STARTED to think I might be crazy.

Or just crazier than he originally thought.  ;)

Don’t have Ball jars?

Try some fancy glasses.

This arrangement needs more green, but I didn’t want to butcher my bushes before it’s actually Christmas.


Free Christmas Centerpiece Red Goblets



You could even try the glasses upside down.


Free christmas Centerpiece Red Goblets 2



Prefer a more neutral look?  Go all green with grandma’s wine glasses.


Free Christmas decor with wine goblets



We toasted with these glasses at our wedding, so they are pretty special.

If you’d like a little height in the middle, add a book.


Simple Christmas Centerpiece



That is my childhood Bible up there.  Love that centerpiece, and it was so easy!  And no spend!


Thank so much for visiting.  See you tomorrow!






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7 thoughts on “31 Days of No Spend Decorating-A Christmas Centerpiece

  1. Hello Kimm. I like your ideas. I am decorating for my club’s Christmas party this year. I love the idea of using wine glasses as table decorations. Where did you purchase the tea light hanging insert in the wine glass? I have checked everywhere and cannot find them. What is the actual name of that item?

    1. Hi Deborah, thank you so much for coming by. I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking, there are no tea lights in my centerpieces, just wine glasses and ornaments. :)

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