31 Days of No Spend Decorating-Fabric Garlands

Hello there!

Thank you so much for coming by for Day Thirteen of 31 Days of No Spend Decorating.  I’m so glad that you are here.

Today I’d like to share a great idea for turning your fabric scraps into every day, holiday, or party decor.


By making fabric garlands!


This first fabulous example is from Lindsay at My Creative Days.  She used an old flannel shirt to make this unique addition to her fall decor.


fall7 (1)



All of those ugly shirts that your husband won’t throw away?

When he’s out of the house, cut them up, make a pretty garland, and he’ll never know what hit him.  ;)

Because out of date on a man does not necessarily mean out of date for a garland, ya know?


Here’s a gorgeous example.  There are endless options for color and pattern.  For special occasions, or every day lovely.




I am in love with these bright, happy colors.



AND another cute style.



Last, but not least, don’t hate me, but how adorable is this garland tied right onto the strand of Christmas lights?



Ready to go dig in your fabric stash?

I am!

Let me know what you find!




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