31 Days of No Spend Decorating-Jewelry Displays

Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for stopping by Day  of 31 Sixteen Days of No Spend Decorating.

And thank you to all who left sweet condolences on the loss of our precious Boxer, Archie.  We are reliving lots of memories, and loving on our 2 year old chocolate lab, Zeus.  He lost his brother, and he’s a little lost.

Today I’m excited to share some ideas for using your beautiful jewelry as decor.

Jewelry is like art that you wear, so why not display it in your home so that you can enjoy the pretty whenever you want?

I have my necklaces hung on command hooks on my bedroom wall, and surrounded by a frame painted with leftover paint, and a flash card monogram thrown in for good measure.




Got an old drawer?   Hang it on the wall and install some hooks or nails to display your pieces.




Create this pretty option with just a little scrap wood and some hooks.  Don’t have hooks?  Use small nails, and paint them the same color as the board so they blend in.  Or paint them gold.



Display your rings in a special old book.



Another use for a bicycle wheel.



What a great way to turn mismatched tea cups into pretty functional.




Thank you so much for coming by!  If you’d like to see all of the 31 Days of No Spend Decorating posts, click here.

Have a great night!


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