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Well, hello!  Welcome back to 31 Days of No Spend Decorating!

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Today I want to talk to you about the wonders of leftover paint.

Do you save your leftover paint?  From wall projects, exterior projects, ANY project?

If you said “YES!” then you have a great head start for No Spend Decorating.

If you said “NO, am I supposed to?” then you need to find someone who has leftover paint they don’t want, or just start with your next project.

Have no idea HOW to save your leftover paint properly so it’s ready for whatever you can dream up?   Here’s a great post on storing your leftover paint.

Wanna see my most recent no spend leftover paint makeover?

It involves this set of shelves.   The shelves themselves were not free, but I bought them in September, so that’s ok.  ;)  The makeover was completely NO SPEND.


photo 3 (1)



I wanted to do something unconventional with these shelves, and add some storage to our master bathroom, so I had the engineer hoist them up to the tub platform.

I wasn’t lovin’ the gray, so off to my paint stash I went.

I slapped on a messy coat of Rustoleum’s Expresso.  Leftover from our bedside table tops.  I didn’t worry too much about coverage, because this is my base coat.




(sorry, that’s an Iphone pic)

The next coat is Benjamin Moore’s Linen White.  Leftover from the kitchen and family room walls.





I roughed up the edges with sandpaper to reveal the Expresso underneath.





I like this rustic touch added to a master bathroom full of slick surfaces.  And I love how the vintage lap tray looks displayed against the white.





Here are some other leftover paint ideas.


I recently changed up these thrift store vases with leftover gold spray paint.





Leftover craft paint (in Indian Turquoise) and Linen White updated this canvas.

striped canvas 001



And leftover chalk paint from a furniture makeover made me LOVE my dining room chandelier.





If you keep a stash of your favorite colors around, you can transform anything to fit your decor.

What colors should you keep?

If you have a signature color (mine is turquoise), then definitely keep some around.  Then when you climb back out of the dumpster with a once in a lifetime find, you can make it fit your home .

Stash a metallic (or three).  Metallics are HUGE right now, and I dare you to stroll through your house right now and find something that would look so cool if it were gold.

You’ll need a good white.  Or cream, whichever is your preference.

And black, cuz every room needs some.

Finally,  keep your wall colors.  Not only for touch ups to keep your decor looking fresh, updating a new to you find with your wall color helps it fit in instantly.

Thank you so much for coming by today!  See you tomorrow!

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