31 Days of No Spend Decorating-Paint Chips

Hello there!

Thank you so much for stopping by this quiet Saturday evening.  Watcha doin’?

I’m watching this new show, Scorpion.  Have you seen it?

My 12 year old is obsessed.

Let’s talk about paint chips.

Almost endless color options.  TOTALLY No Spend.  Easily available from our favorite stores.

What could be better than paint chips?

Well…actually, Mint chocolate chip ice cream is better than paint chips.  And apple pie in September.

But I digress.

Look at the pretty!  I love all of these hearts, but think of all of the shapes you could dream up.






Or a whole wall installation.  So cool.




Love this wall art.  You know how I love me some dots.



A table top treatment.



A wreath.



THIS is what we should be doing on a Saturday night.  :)

See you tomorrow!

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8 thoughts on “31 Days of No Spend Decorating-Paint Chips

  1. LOVE the wreath at the end!! Ok – so, have you ever gone to a store and picked up paint chips like this? I think I’d be like “Ok, ok, I confess – I’m just grabbing these to get crafty” :)

    Also – really love the look of your site! – Especially your cool header! Nice to meet you through 31 Days!
    Lauren recently posted…How “Frozen” Got Change WrongMy Profile

  2. These are great ideas
    This is funny. I was reading a post and saw you were from Ohio. So I went to read other post and saw that you were a designer for Origami Owl.
    I am from Ohio and I am a designer as well.
    I have been reading your blog for awhile but didn’t get that connection.
    Please send me an email .

    1. Hi Debby, I recognize your name, I think we’ve actually met! :) Maybe at the All The Trimmings Event at the New Albany Links last year? I’m on the ABC Moments Team.

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