31 Days of No Spend -Paper Banners

Hi friends!

Thank you for stopping by for Day Fourteen of 31 Days of No Spend Decorating.  I am so glad that you are here.

Speaking of garlands,  or not really, today I thought we’d talk about paper banners.

Paper banners are a great NO SPEND way to decorate for events, holidays and every day, just like fabric garlands.

So, THAT’S what they have in common.  ;)

I used pages from an old music book, a letter stencil and a Sharpie to create my FALL banner on the fireplace.




Here’s a fantastic cardboard banner-garland.  Add color with whatever paint you have on hand.




Wonder every year what to do with all of the Christmas cards you receive?

Wonder no more.  This is beautiful.



Got old comic books?  This would be amazing for a kids’ birthday party, but these colors are so happy, I’d use it every day.



What else can you upcycle into a beautiful banner or garland?


Scrapbook paper

Book Pages



Magazine pages

Wrapping Paper

Your Kids Artwork


Any other ideas?  What kids of paper have you turned into decor?

Thanks so much for coming by, see you tomorrow!

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