31 Days Of No Spending Decorating-Books

Hello there!

I’m so glad you’re here, and I’m here, and we’re here together.

Do you have big weekend plans?

The weather is going to be kinda crummy here, so I’ll hang out at home, watch some football and putter around the house.

Do you putter?

I always thought that only grandpas puttered, and that certainly only grandpas talked about puttering, until I found myself doing it.

We’ll have to talk about that sometime.  You and I.

But tonight, we’re going to talk about books.  You got any?

Let’s use them to decorate.

Like this.

Sure, bookcases are the classic place to place your books, but have you ever tried to arrange them by color?  And vary their orientation?  And add accessories in the same color family?

This approach makes your book collection part of your decor.  For no more money.  Especially if you place a tiny wood replica of Ohio Stadium with the scarlet books.





I also use books in other displays when I need a taller item, but I don’t have one.  You can make anything taller with books.

Except kids.  Mine have tried it and it doesn’t work.  But it does work for plants.





And gourds.





I searched the world wide web to find you some other book decor ideas.  I’m nice like that.


The world’s only FREE artificial Christmas tree.  You’re welcome.





Make a seat out of magazines.  And sit on it.



Hang your prettiest magazine covers right there on the wall.




Stack your books like so, to hide an ugly cord.



Got any more crazy good book decorating ideas?  Do share in the comments!

Meet me back here tomorrow!


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