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Hello there!

Thank you for joining me for another Favorite Pins Friday.  I’m so glad that you are here.

Tonight is Senior Night at the football game for my son the trumpet player.  sniff.

I don’t think it would be cool to cry on your virtual shoulder, so let’s talk pins.

It was a pretty easy task this week to find some favorites, but narrowing them down was a little bit of a challenge.


I love the charm of this reclaimed wood kitchen island.


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And these stenciled tea towels would make a great gift.  It is going to be that time, very soon, you know.



Allison’s rustic office nook is amazing.  I am really crushing on natural wood lately.  Hmm…



And, I’m pretty sure this is what craft rooms look like in heaven.



And some good advice.  This might be from heaven too.

I may struggle with a few of these.  Ahem.



Have a great weekend!

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