Trash to Treasure- Vintage Kitchen Tools

Hello friends.

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I have a confession to make.

I’m pretty sure I only had 24 ideas for the 31 Days of No Spend Decorating series.


It was fun, though, wasn’t it?

Today is trash to treasure Tuesday.  Because trash and treasure and Tuesday all start with T’s, and I LOVE alliteration, I decided Tuesday was a good day to talk about one of my favorite pastimes.

Turning junk into fun, useful and way cool decor.

Like this rolling pin turned towel rack, for instance.




My favorite rooms are an eclectic mix of new stuff and old junk.  And there’s no better place to practice this concept than in the kitchen.

Vintage kitchen tools make awesome decor.  And function with flair.

Just LOOK at this wall o’ pie plates.  Isn’t it incredible?

pie tin wall

(unfortunately, I have lost the source for this photo, please, if you know it, leave in the comments!)

Lamps from old kitchenware?  Wow.




If you live in a new(ish) home like me, these elements add some history and character.

This old Pepsi crate adds some cool junky storage to our kitchen table.





And then there’s the orphaned pot lid on my chalkboard wall.  I might add some pie plates too, that photo above makes me swoon.  :)


photo 8



What are your favorite decor ideas for vintage tools, kitchen or otherwise?


For loads more Trash to Treasure Ideas, visit my Trash to Treasure collection or follow my Pinterest board, REinventions!

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