5 Ways to Stay Guest Ready For the Holidays

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Thank to Bona for sponsoring today’s post, and for helping me keep my house guest ready all. year. long.

Whether or not you are planning on or expecting guests this holiday season, guests happen.  Friends stop by, family arrives unannounced, just for a night, and your kids plan last minute “hang out sessions”.




Maybe this only happens to me.  Having four teenagers requires a “ready for anything” strategy.

So today I’m sharing mine:  the 5 ways I stay guest ready during the holiday season.  Or any season, for that matter.

Let’s get something straight first:  I LOVE HAVING GUESTS.  I LOVE to host holiday gatherings, and actually don’t get to very often.

But…I’ve been known to get a little stressed out if the house, the food, and the kids aren’t perfect.  As I’ve aged, I’ve mellowed about the whole perfection thing, and I’ve developed some strategies to keep the house guest ready without stressing out.

My main focus is to keep the main living areas presentable, and to keep the bathrooms clean.  Cuz no guest wants to see a dirty bathroom.


Swish and swipe your bathrooms every day.  I use Clorox wipes, and quickly wipe down the counters, sinks, and faucets in each bathroom after we’re all ready for the day.  The toilets get a quick swish with Scrubbing Bubbles disposable toilet cleaner thingies.





Keeping the focus on the bathrooms for a minute, I clean one wall of my shower each day, while I’m still in the shower, just before I get out.  Sorry for the mental picture.

Using one of these filled with a mixture of Dawn dish soap and white vinegar.  This combo quickly takes care of soap scum, and since I clean one wall per day, the shower stays clean.




Keep your decor simple.  This will minimize the dusting.  And the number of things that can get out of place.

As much as I love the color and sparkle of the Christmas season, I don’t go over the top with my decorations because I kinda can’t stand the visual clutter.  Or the real, inevitable dusty clutter.  Too. much. cleaning.

Then, make sure you have plenty of “stash the mess” storage in each room.  Between the vintage tool box, the dresser, and the box and basket on top, I have plenty of room to quickly and easily take care of the clutter.






Get rid of the stink.  Ahem.  I have two teenage boys…”nuff said.

Whether you use an odor removing spray, burn a candle, or diffuse essential oils like me, cleaning your air will make your home smell clean for your guests.  In an instant.




A quick go round with a dust mop will keep your hard floors dust free.  I do this every other day, so when guests are coming, a quick touch up is all that’s needed.

It helps to have these:




They do a good job as long as I tell them EXACTLY what to do.  Since I’ve been doing that their whole lives, they are used to it.  :)


At least once a week, and when guests are imminent, I shine up my hard woods with Bona floor cleaner.  I spray a light coating, wait 5 minutes, and mop.  I get beautiful floors with no build up, and no worries about harmful chemicals.


photo 2


Here’s a before shot of my dining room floor.  A little dusty , a little smudgey, and a lot dog hairy.





And the after.  Just spray and swipe.





I highly, highly recommend Bona hardwood floor cleaner.  It is all I’ve used on these floors, and the mop makes it so easy.

For floor care tips and a $3 coupon from Bona, join the BonaFide Fanatics here.

What’s the best way to stay ready for guests that’s not on this list?  RELAX.  Your guest want to see you, not your house.  And they definitely don’t want to see you stressing over your house.

Now if only I could practice what I preach.  :)


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  1. great posts we have toddlers so a little harder to keep picked up but storage in rooms is a super duper idea thanks xx

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