Christmas Decorating-Change Up Your Color Scheme On A Budget

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As often happens around here, I’m starting this post with a question for you.

I think it’s my insecurity.  I have this need to ask you what you do before I tell you what I did.  Make sense?

Anywhoo…here goes…

Do you change up your Christmas decor each year?  Different colors, themes, etc.?

I never have, but this year is different.


christmas decor ribbon 2

Let me tell you, the engineer is rolling his eyes right now.

It doesn’t bother me though, I’m quite used to it.  ;)

For the past “few” years, I’ve been trying to force my home into acting like a vintage farm house.  One with red and white ticking stripe towels, and  rustic wood touches.  But it never felt right.

This year, I changed everything up and went with a high contrast dark charcoal gray, creamy white walls, and fun turquoise accents.  This look fits our home so. much. better.  And I love it.  Dog hair and all.

Exhibit A, the family room.





IMG_4308 (2)

Exhibit B, the kitchen chalkboard feature wall.


photo 8


So what’s a girl supposed to do with all of her traditional Christmas red and green decor?

Now you see my NEED to change up my Christmas decorating this year.

People, I have been agonizing about that for MONTHS.


This year, I want a vintage, slightly industrial, but shiny pretty Christmas with metallics, rustic wood, and turquoise.

On my usual tiny Christmas decor budget.

I am determined to make this happen.

Step One.  I searched for some sort of inspiration piece to bring the theme together.  Kind of like I do when decorating a room for every day.

In stepped Hobby Lobby to save Christmas.

This ribbon.


christmas decor ribbon



This ribbon is perfectly polka-dotted, and sports my beloved charcoal gray, turquoise, and metallics, as well as red and a softer version of Christmas green.

It’s perfect.

So how will I use it to transform our color scheme?

Point one, and the most obvious, is that contains the rooms primary colors, gray, turquoise, and a creamy white.

Point two, there is also red and green, so I can keep touches of past years’ decor and this magic ribbon will make it all coordinate.

Point three, I bought FIVE spools, for only $12.50, so I can use it in EVERY room, and it didn’t break the bank.


I also plan to DIY some “new” ornaments, possibly transform some from previous years, and use all of the natural elements I can find.

I’ll keep you posted!

Let’s talk, what are your ideas for ways to change up your holiday decor on a budget?

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