Christmas Home Tour

Hello there!

I’m so glad that you’re here.  Really.

I just wish we could drink chai tea lattes and eat cookies while I show you around.  It won’t take long, this is likely to be the shortest home tour EVER, but we could watch a Christmas movie after.

What is your favorite?

I LOVE them all.

Let’s tour.


Christmas Home Tour Pin

Now that you’ve seen the tree, let’s start in the foyer, k?


christmas decor foyer table 2


I’m not a huge Christmas decorator, so I’m feeling all kinds of insecure about sharing this tour.  Each room on the first floor has just a touch.


Our bicycle wheel foyer table is one of my favorite places to decorate for the season, and the perfect spot for our nativity.



Christmas foyer table


And a small wreath.


Christmas foyer table 3



On the left is the den.   This year we put all of the fun and sentimental ornaments on this tree.

And yes, both of my trees are naked on top.  Will you come over and teach me how to tie one of those fabulous tree top bows?


christmas home tour 3



Come to think of it, their feet are naked too.  Must. make. some. tree. skirts.


Christmas tree den


Now for the dining room.  I may add more in here, but for now we have a centerpiece.


christmas home tour 4



In the kitchen, I love “wrapping” this stretch of cabinets with ribbon to display Christmas cards.


Christmas Home Tour kitchen



We spend most of our time in the family room,  so that’s where I do the most decorating.

As we head that direction from the kitchen, this antique bench holds one of my favorite pillows.  It deserves its own spot.


Christmas Tour Reinvented



Look up from the bench, and you’ll see the tree and mantel.  This tree holds all of my favorite aqua, red, white and metallic ornaments.


christmas home tour 5



We cut our tree down ourselves every year from the Walsh Tree Farm in St. Louisville, Ohio.  It’s a frazier fir, and every year I think “this one is the best ever.


Christmas home tour 7


More naked feet.


Christmas home tour 6



And one last shot.


Christmas Home Tour 8



And that, my friends, is our tiny little Christmas Home Tour.

Thank you so much for coming!





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7 thoughts on “Christmas Home Tour

  1. i love your your motto real decorations for real people, thanks for sharing and i can’t tie those bows either ha ha xx

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