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Hello all!

I hope that you are visiting today from a cozy spot on your sofa, with Christmas magic still in your heart and signs of this beautiful time of year all around you.

We’ve had a wonderfully relaxing season so far, and I’m excited to spend the last few days of 2014 with family and friends.

Let me just tell ya, however, 2015 is going to be AWESOME! I can’t wait.

Let’s talk pins

Favorite Pins image



The new year organizing bug hits me early every year.  these labels would be perfect for my pantry.  If only they could do the organizing for me.




I’ll get to the organizing.

If, I don’t get distracted by the winter decorating.

It’s ALWAYS the decorating…



This will be the year I make friends with power tools.  And built awesome stuff like these wood chargers.



And cool stuff with pipes.  The combo of industrial metal and stained wood.  Oh my.


With all of these projects looming, I’ll need some easy recipes.  This looks seriously yummy.



What are your project plans for 2015?

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