Favorite Pins Friday on Saturday

Geez.  I may need to change this series to Favorite Pins Saturday.

By the time I get home from my day job on Fridays, I’m just too tired to be witty and interesting.


Favorite Pins image


Aw, who cares what day it is, let’s get on with the pins, shall we?

I spent a crazy amount of time on A Beautiful Mess last night, drooling over last minute gift ideas and holiday craft projects.  These tree skirt options were one of my faves.  I just might whip one up this weekend and share in my Christmas Home tour on Monday.

You’ll come back for that, right?



These clay ornaments, also from A Beautiful Mess are amazing.  I could. not. stop. staring.  And oohing.  And ahhing.

The engineer became annoyed.  He hates it when I gasp and the house is NOT on fire.


Next up are my friend Pam’s quilted mason jar luminarias.  I imagine these twinkling on my mantel all. winter. long.


Is it weird that I’m so pleased with how these first three pins are kind of color coordinated?

Don’t answer that.

Let’s throw in some color.  Like this painted beadboard outdoor art from Rhoda at Southern Hospitality.  I would totally hang this INSIDE the house.


AND, we’ll end with food.  Cuz every good party does.  Peppermint is my favorite flavor and my favorite scent this time of year.  Yum.



What awesome plans have you for this weekend?  We are heading to the Short North Holiday Hop in Columbus this afternoon and then hopefully watching our Buckeyes win the Big Ten Championship game tonight.

But I gotta tell ya, I do not have a good feeling about that.

The game.  I have a great feeling about the Holiday Hop.  If you’re local, check it out!  12pm-10pm today.

If you’re doing some pre-holiday cleaning this weekend, check out my tips for staying guest ready, and get your $3 coupon to help!

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