A Simple Modern Christmas Wreath

Hello everyone!

I hope that you all had an amazing Thanksgiving. Ours was one of the best ever, just fun and relaxing. I took the weekend off to spend time with my family.

This week I’ve had so much fun checking out all of the Christmas Home tours around blogland. There are so many gorgeous homes, and talented ladies, it’s hard not to get caught in that ‘ole comparison trap. Do you struggle with comparisons?

The last thing I want is for comparison to steal my Christmas Joy, so I am enjoying the tours, and working to make our house beautiful in my own way, for my own family, and on our own budget.

Out of those goals, an idea was born. A simple, modern version of a Christmas wreath.


simple modern Christmas wreath


This year, I’ve been trying to DIY any “new” decor, and use what I have as much as possible.

I had a plastic covered straw wreath in the basement.  I have no clue why I bought it, probably for some brilliant idea that I never got around to making reality.

That happens a lot sometimes.




simple Christmas wreath


I bought some green flannel fabric and cut it into strips with pinking shears.

I heart pinking shears.

I wrapped and wrapped until the wreath was covered, then pinned the ends with straight pins.  Easy.  And I can take the flannel off and change it up anytime.


simple modern wreath



The wreath is hung from some of my Christmas decor inspiration ribbon.  I’m not a bow girl, so it’s a simple loop.

simple christmas wreath 2


If you’re wondering if that “not a bow girl” comment means that I don’t like bows, or that I can’t make them?

The answer would be “YES.”

So that’s that.

Enjoy your week friends, love the gorgeous homes that you see on the internet, but more importantly, love the one you’re with.  :)


This post is linked to The Nester’s wreath party.  There are wreaths with bows there.  If you’re in to that sort of thing.





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5 thoughts on “A Simple Modern Christmas Wreath

  1. kimm i like your attitude because it’s just like mine, keeping up with the jones has never been on my mind or in my budget i love what you do with what you have xx

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