My Stress Free Christmas Mantel

Hello there!

I’m so glad you’re here.

Yesterday I shared my simple modern Christmas wreath, in all its easiness, and it was good.

The sharing, I mean.

After I finished photographing the wreath, I took a few steps backward with the camera in hand, might have tripped over a tripod and a large brown dog, and snapped a few shots of the entire mantel.

christmas mantel 3

Our Christmas mantel this year was quick, easy and cheap.

The engineer just snorted.  He’s such a teenager.

I cling desperately to Edie’s wonderful mantel advice, just changing up the details with the seasons.

1.  Something you love.  (the window.  love it.  will always love it.)

2.  Something to lean.  (the chalkboard + free printable.  love the color, and it’s perfect for changing with the seasons)

christmas mantel 2


3.  Something alive.  (most of the year, I place a leafy plant on the end of the mantel, but for Christmas, I use all of the trimmings from our Christmas tree.)


Christmas mantel 4


4.  Something with sheen.  ( for the holidays, it’s a beautiful mercury glass bottle from All’asta, gold painted trees and shiny Christmas ornaments in this year’s aqua and red)


Christmas mantel 5


With plenty of my inspiration ribbon for fun and polka dots.


If you’d like to see how I changed up the mantel for Fall, click here, and for my first Edie inspired mantel, click here.


Having a great foundation that is easy to holiday-ify makes mantel decorating stress free and easy.

In fact, I like to employ that concept in every room.  Then I’m not constantly decorating and re-decorating.

Wait.  Decorating and re-decorating is what. I. do.

Forget what I said there.  Re-decorating is good.  As long as it doesn’t stress you out.

None of us need extra stress during the holiday season.  I am a sucker for a good planning resource to help me keep the season manageable and organized.

The cleaning.  The shopping.  The cooking and baking.  The card sending.  AND the decorating.

This year, I’m relying on Ruth Soukup, of Living Well Spending Less, and her amazing 12 Days to a Stress Free Christmas Challenge to keep me on track. (not an affiliate link)

Ruth makes it so easy.  Sign up, and a quick tip and video will be delivered to your Inbox every day.  You also get a free download of her holiday planner.  The planner is sanity-savingly awesome.

I’m all about saving the sanity.  There just isn’t enough of it to go around…


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