Four Easy Ways to Entertain A Crowd and A Giveaway!

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This post is sponsored by Bissell, but all opinions are 100% my own.

Now that the Christmas decorating is done, I am focused on entertaining. My side of the family is coming to our house Saturday for an early Christmas celebration.

We’ll have my two sisters with families, my mom, two second cousins, and my own four kids, husband and large ornery dog.

The youngest guest will be three years old, and the oldest will be my mom. (she’d probably kill me if I typed a number, so we’ll go with that)

That is quite a crowd.  And the number of people is not the best part.  This. will. be. fun.

I thought I’d share today what I have planned to entertain a crowd and keep everyone happy so that it doesn’t turn into one of the scenes from Four Christmases.  Have you seen that movie?


1.  Make sure there is plenty of food, but don’t try to make it all yourself, or you’ll be so ticked off and tired when everyone arrives you won’t care if they have a good time or not.  Assign everyone a dish to bring.

Keep a couple of snacks in your hostess “back pocket” in case the crowd gets restless.  Nothing leads to knock down drag out family fights like empty stomachs. ;)



Holiday Buffet Ideas from Better Homes and Gardens

2.  Plan activities for the kids.  I like to keep fun board games around.  Those that can be played “kids vs. parents” are always fun.



3.  Add a gift exchange game.  Each adult is bringing a $20 gift to our house.   Here are some ideas to keep the laughs going:


4.  Put everyone to work.  Besides divvying up the food duties, I’m planning to have pre-baked sugar cookies on hand and lots of frosting and sprinkles.  This activity should get everyone all sugared up and happy.


Great source for cooking decorating with kids!

What will I be doing after the party?

First, I’ll probably collapse on the couch.  ;)

Then I’ll clean up.  There will be crumbs on the tile, dirty dishes in the sink, and frosting in the carpet.  All signs of a great family party that wouldn’t be complete without a few holiday spills.

As much as my dog would love to be chief carpet cleaner, I am so glad that I have a Bissell Upright Cleaning Machine to clean up all traces of family fun.

(please read that again.  that. was. the. best. segue. ever. ;))

Seriously, though, my Bissell is one of my favorite cleaning tools.  Our carpets need to be cleaned several times a year, so professional cleaning is just too expensive.  Besides, I’m a DIY kind of girl, and I want to make sure that my carpets are REALLY clean.  Not just as clean as the guy in the van thinks they need to be.


To enter, click on this photo to get more information on the Bissell Cleaning products, then come back here and let me know which product would make a difference in your holiday cleaning this year.


There are several blogs participating in this campaign, and Bissell will choose THREE winners from all of the entries.  Good luck, and have fun entertaining your families this year!


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12 thoughts on “Four Easy Ways to Entertain A Crowd and A Giveaway!

  1. Thanks for hosting this giveaway Kimm! I have to say after all that holiday traffic, I’d mostly likely use the BISSELL Renew Boost Carpet Cleaning Formula Enhancer 1406A (since it is good with high traffic areas) with that beautiful beautiful machine! Haha, can you tell I’m a mom to 3? ;)
    Ursula @ Home Made by Carmona recently posted…The Makers no. 47My Profile

  2. I would probably most use the pet stain and odor eliminator. My daughter will be home from school with her cat and sometimes when our cat is upset by the visits there are consequences if you know what I mean! And my previous Bissel machine that we had for over 20 years died a few months ago,I could really use one of those new ones.

  3. wow a bissell pro carpet cleaner with any of the febreeze cleaners would be a life saver a house full of carpet 3 dogs 2 toddlers and 3 messy adults is very hard to keep up after, this would make our carpets clean and our house smell good thanks for the chance xx

  4. We have a dog who LOVES to bring the outside in :) This would be a HUGE help in our house ! Bissell Pro carpet cleaner & cleaners. YES PLEASE !

  5. I have been using a shop vac and it is worn out. This would make a great difference in my housekeeping. I used to have a cat and dog and still find animal hairs around after many years of them being gone, even though I have vacuumed and swept. It would feel like Christmas all year round! I would love to be able to clean up some of their and my messes. I have had trouble with my inner ears and equilibrium and fall and spill whatever I have in my hands, especially my drink of choice, Big Red. You know what a mess that makes. I especially love to read your blog. I get some really good ideas. Thank you! Thank you also Bissell!

  6. WE live on a farm and are constantly tracking in dirt and leaves…a Bissell pro carpet cleaner would be awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. We have a messy dog and even messier kids. Three of them who spill on a daily basis. I would love the ease of knowing I don’t need to stress out as much when we have an “accident” on the carpet. I love how well this machine cleans, it would really be a life saver in our home.

  8. I have a household full of pets, and there is always messes to clean up, being able to deep clean the carpet is a must, I need one of these!

  9. Our carpets are really old and need cleaning often from people tracking in dirt. My husband loves his garden and I’m constantly having to clean up after him, This would make my job so much easier.

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