2015 Home Goals

Hi everyone!

Did you watch the College Football Play-off National Championship game last night?

Did You?

D.I.D. Y.O.U.?


Ok, I’m done.

I’m not really here to talk about the game, but OOOHHHH MMMMYYYY GGGOOOOSSSHHH!


2015 Home Goals-Reinvented



I’ve been thinking a lot these past couple of weeks about the projects I’d like to work on this year around the house   I have a list and thought it would be fun to share my home goals with you.

But every time I think about it, the list gets longer.

Does that happen to you?

Here we go:

1.  A back yard/patio makeover (it’s too cold for a before pic).  We need to restain our concrete patio, clean out and update the landscaping, and I’d love to build a new table.

2.  I want to find a cool DIY design to update our plain white square tile kitchen backsplash.  Without replacing it.

3.  My amazing husband had these letters cut from galvanized metal for me for Christmas.  I have big plans for the stairway wall that include these letters.


2015 Home Goals Reinvented



4.  The entire foyer, stairwell, and upstairs hallway need painted.  Currently the wall color is “Sundew” from SW.  It’s too yellow and too dark for a space that doesn’t get much light.


2015 Home Goals Reinvented 4



5.  The orange oak railing needs a makeover badly.  This is the only oak in the house and it stands out like a sore thumb.


2015 Home Goals Reinvented 3



6.  I also want to lighten up and update the dining room.  This room sits in the middle of our first floor, and it’s never used.  I want it to fit our style, and be functional for more than just eating.  This year I tore apart and painted the chandelier, and that was a good start to a fun and casual style.


2015 Home Goals Reinvented 2



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One thought on “2015 Home Goals

  1. wow you are going to be working your buns off ha ha… i have heard of tile tattoos to add color and design to tiles maybe you want to check it out xx

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