5 Tips For A Winter Mantel

I have a weird obsession with my mantel.

And if I admit it’s weird, then you should awesome it’s off the charts insane.

And you’d be right.

Remember the girls in high school that were constantly checking themselves out in mirrors, windows, and shiny lockers; admiring themselves and planning their next look?


I don’t have an explanation, except that mantels are almost instant gratification, and they are pretty cheap to change up.

After all of the excess of Christmas decor comes down, the mantel is a great place to create a wintery vignette.


5 Tips For A Winter Mantel Pin



Since I’m clearly a mantel expert…let’s talk five tips for a winter mantel.


While staring at my mantel’s reflection in a shiny high school locker for the past 5 days, I learned a few things I’d like to share.

First, I like wintery mantels that are mostly neutral.  My huge old window is a great foundation, and stays up all. year. round.


5 Tips For A Winter Mantel

Second, winter is cold.  But that’s not the thing I learned.  I learned that adding different textures creates a warm and interesting display even from neutrals.  I went with wicker candle holders, old wooden spools and pine cones.

Third, winter is dark.  We need sparkle, people, to keep our sanity.

5 Tips For A Winter Mantel 2


I’m in love with these mercury glass bottles and anything galvanized.  Like a bucket with a plant.

Five Tips For A Winter Mantel


And a glittery snowflake.

Fourth, I like a winter mantel with signs of life cuz there sure isn’t any outside.  I have no idea what kind of plant this is, but it gets NO light, and I’ve had it for months without killing it.

Fifth, one must have fun cuz winter can get LONG.  That’s where the large graphic snowflake and the felt “snowball” garland come in.  They are just fun to look at.

You know, in a shiny locker’s reflection.

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6 thoughts on “5 Tips For A Winter Mantel

  1. In case you do want to know, I believe the plant is a Dracena. I have one too. Mine is up high now because my little Callie the Calico loves to destroy plants ( and a lot of other things!) I just trim the edges when they get brown.

    1. Thank you so much Victoria! Painting our fireplace is one of the best design choices I’ve made. :) I’m so glad you came by, have a great weekend!

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