Favorite Paint Colors

Hi guys!  Yesterday, when I told the husband about my plans to repaint the foyer and stairwell, he told me that our home’s square footage has decreased from all of the coats of paint.

Really.  Is that not the MOST OBNOXIOUS comment you’ve ever heard?

Never mind that it may be true.

He might not believe this, and he probably has good reason not to, but I think I’ve FINALLY settled on my favorite paint colors for our home.

Yes, there has been a little trial and error.  I really hope that sharing them here doesn’t jinx me.

If I’m back next year sharing my “favorites” again, you have my permission to give me all of the crap you can sling.

K?  K.

Here we go.

1.  Benjamin Moore’s Linen White.


BM Linen White on Reinvented


This warm white, with a tinge of yellow is bright and beautiful.  It’s perfect for our north facing family room, breakfast nook, and kitchen.

I plan to paint our foyer and stairwell this color too, as the current color is way too yellow and dark.


Reinvented Family Room


2.  Behr’s Cracked Pepper.  This dark gray is the perfect contrast to the Linen White.  It’s kind of dusty chalkboard color.


Behr Cracked Pepper on Reinvented


As you know, I have a REAL dusty chalkboard wall in my kitchen, but I love the color so much I painted my fireplace.


5 Tips For A Winter Mantel



3.  Sherwin Williams’ China Doll is another neutral I love.  It doesn’t have the warmth of Linen White, but this color is beautiful in the front of the house, in south facing rooms like the den and the powder room.





4.  I am smitten with pops of Maison Blanche Riveria.  This gorgeous turquoise adds the fun playful touch that we love.


Maison Blanche Riveria



5.  Of the spray variety, I’m partial to Rustoleum’s Heirloom White and Seaside.


Sometimes I wander around the house to find stuff to paint.

Is that weird?





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11 thoughts on “Favorite Paint Colors

  1. I have been in love with grey lately, but am aware that painting the entire house grey might not work- I too have a north facing living room and have been trying to decide what would work there and still flow into the kitchen ( which I do want to paint grey)! I will have to check out that BM linen white- love the touch of yellow to it! Thanks for the tip! Will go great with the new All’asta catalog collection! :)

    1. Thanks Leslie! I am totally in love with the Cracked Pepper. Just bought my second quart, and I literally walk around the house looking for places to add it! :)

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